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How It Works

We Ship You The Impression Kit

After ordering your teeth impression kit with no additional out of pocket expenses, Intact Smiles will ship the product directly to your address.

Create Your Dental Impression & Ship Back to Us

Create your teeth impression by watching the instruction video and following the instructions included in the teeth impression kit. Once finished, ship your impressions back to Intact Smiles.

Custom Fit Retainer/Mouthguard Is Created & Shipped To You

Intact Smiles will create your custom fit retainer or mouthguard and ship it back to you. 

Orthodontic Clear Retainers

You can now take a dental impression without ever having to visit the dentist. Our custom clear retainers are made from high-quality fabrication technology at low costs. It’s simple, quick and affordable. Simply order the retainer, make the impression and Intact Smiles will create a custom-fit dental retainer aligned with your teeth impression.


Custom-Fit Sports Mouthguards

Our sports mouthguards are custom designed to fit each mouth to their exact dental impression. They are built with maximum comfort and superior protection. No matter the athlete, our custom sports mouthguards provide guaranteed satisfaction. 

Customize Your Mouthguard With Your Name, Team Logo, Numbers & Colors


Customize Your Mouthguard

Custom Night Guards

Guard Against Grinding

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About Intact Smiles

Intact Smiles has eliminated the need for dental visits by providing consumers with high-quality, customizable products at accessible prices.

Under the direction of a certified orthodontist with over 25 years of experience, our retainers and mouthguards are custom made with exceptional quality. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and techniques, our dental products provide superior protection and comfort.

Our goal is to create and provide Orthodontic Retainers, Custom Night Guards, and Custom Sports Mouthguards for athletes and individuals of all ages and levels of competition.

At Intact Smiles, we use authentic EssixⓇ Plastics and Dreve Plastics by Dentsply Sirona. Dentsply Sirona is a highly-respected name in the dental plastics and polymer technology industry. When it comes to meeting the needs of Orthodontic Retainers, Sports Mouthguards, Night Guards and Teeth Whitening Kits, EssixⓇ Plastics and Dreve Plastics provide the quality demanded and versatility needed.

How To Order Our Easy
To Use Home Impression Kit

Taking Your Dental Impression is Easy!

Create your teeth impression by watching the instruction video and following the instructions included in the teeth impression kit.

If you make a mistake with your impression kit you will not be charged for replacement materials. We will replace your kit free of charge. If you do have issues taking your impression please contact our customer care team for more advise.